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A Service Dog is necessary for Grace. The family believes Grace's wish can come true.

A labradoodle puppy has joined the family and well on his way to being Grace's “best friend”.

With the guidance of an experienced Service Dog trainer that has worked with organizations

such as National Service Dogs (NSD) and Autism Service Dogs (ASD)

for20+ years, the family feels they can meet this goal but need help to get there.

The cost of Service Dogs can be a hefty financial burden ranging from $25.000-$40,000 and up.

Grace's family would like to raise $20,000. to meet the needs and wishes of this little girl.

A Service Dog will  make Grace's life easier and more enjoyable in many ways.


Born at 25 weeks weighing only 1 pound Grace navigates through her world with many challenges.

As a true miracle baby she has progressed beyond what was first expected of her, which was not much.

Grace is Deaf, but that's not her only need.

Grace has FASD - Organic Brain Damage, but that's not her only need.

Grace has ASD - Autism, but that's not her only need.

Grace has CP - Cerebral Palsy, but that's not her only need.

Grace has SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder, but that's not her only need.

On and on the list goes. Grace  has an alphabet soup of diagnoses following her around daily. To be successful on a daily basis she integrates many developmental hurdles. Any or all may be affecting her behaviour at any given moment.

Movement or attempting to keep up with her peers can often prove difficult for Grace. Fast movements appear awkward and spastic. On certain days any movement can be difficult processes for Grace; however, she will persistently attempt it in a way that she feels able. Her protection response is often non-existent (will not put up her hands or bend to lessen the effects of a fall).

     At the present time applications for Service Dogs are not being accepted in Ontario.

When accepted the wait time can be 2+years. Grace cannot wait.

Grace doesn't fit neatly into the criteria of any organizations requirement;

she has multiple needs and requires a Complex Needs Service Dog.

A Service Dog can help by:

★           Alerting her to car/trucks that she may not be aware of.

★     Letting Grace know that someone is trying to get her attention or the door bell is ringing.

★     Studies have shown Service Dogs by their presence can help a child feel less anxious resulting in less meltdowns.

★     Helping maintain balance and safety in her environment.

★     Facilitate socialization with peers.


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